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Resizable Contacts Widget Pro


Put your favourite contacts on your homescreen or lockscreen in a resizable/scrollable grid with quick actions, including directly making a phone call!**Note**This is the new paid version, and you can still grab the free legacy version from Alternatively, you can just build from the source code( by yourself.
** Please make sure all the contacts and groups are managed via the Google Contacts(, otherwise the groups might not be properly loaded. Because some OEM have changed the way how contacts are managed. **
The How To document is available at
Major Features:* Add a list of contacts on your homescreen or lockscreen* The list of contacts could be starred contacts, one of your contact groups or all contacts* Resizable with default size to be 1 * 1, or 2 *2* Directly dial your contacts without the quick action dialog. Phone number priority: Default -> Mobile -> Main...* A large version with default size to 2 * 2, and a button at the bottom to directly launch the People app* Sort your contacts by ** Times Contacted, the most frequently contacted appear at the top ** Last Time Contacted, the most recently contacted appear at the top ** Display Name* A stack view based wiget(2*2) can show your contacts with larger images* Option to customize how many contacts to be shown
For those who are complaining about the low resolutions, this widget will never try to download the contact photos for you and directly get photos from the system contacts database. If you have a low resolution pictures in your People app, then there is no chance this widget would find any higher resolution copy for you.
This is an open sourced Android widget built for Android 4.0.3+ devices(lockscreen widgets only works for 4.2+ devices). It allows users to quickly view your favourite/starred contacts or any groups via a resizable/scrollable contacts grid.
##NOTEs, if you encounter any issue please uninstall your currently installed app and then re-install from the Market##
Known Issues:* If you have multiple Google accounts synchronized to your device, the contact groups selection list would not distinguish where the group comes from* Can not automatically refresh the widget when you make a change to the contact
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